Semi-Automatic Penetrometer for Liquid Limit

S5700 - Semi-Automatic Penetrometer for Liquid Limit, 220-240 V 50/60 Hz
S5700/110 - Semi-Automatic Penetrometer for Liquid Limit, 110 V 60 Hz

CEN ISO | TS 17892-12 | BS 1377:2 | NF P94-052-1
The Cone Penetrometer is based on the relationship between the moisture content at which clay soils pass from a plastic to a liquid state. The Soil Penetrometer is consists of steel base, leveling screws, digital penetration measurement gauge 0,01 mm precision, release button, automatic zeroing and spirit level. The Cone Penetrometer is supplied complete with automatic timer unit. Penetration timer unit is used to release the plunger fitted with the needle to start the 5 seconds test.
The Cone Penetrometer supplied complete with;
• Timer Unit,
• 30° Penetration Cone
• Sample Cups, 3 pcs. Aluminium, Ø55 mm x h:35 mm.


220x300x410 mm

Weight (approx)

15 kg


  • Collecting tray