Manual Liquid Limit Device

S5800 - Manual Liquid Limit Device (Casagrande), ASTM - AASHTO
S5805 - Manual Liquid Limit Device (Casagrande), BS
S5816 - Brass Grooving Tool AASHTO
S5817 - Metal Grooving Tool ASTM
S5818 - Plastic Grooving Tool ASTM
S5819 - Plastic Grooving Tool BS

ASTM D4313 | AASHTO T89 | BS 1377:2
The Manual Liquid Limit Device (Casagrande) are used to determine the moisture content at which clay soils pass from plastic to liquid state. The Devices consist of an adjustable crank and cam mechanism, a blow counter and a removable brass cup fitted on the base. Different models with the same shape but with different base and cup weights are available according to the required specifications.
S5800 model are supplied with a ASTM type plastic grooving tool.
S5805 model is supplied with a BS type plastic grooving tool.
Other types of grooving tools should be ordered separately.


200x220x150 mm

Weight (approx)

2 kg


  • Collecting tray