Automatic Soil Compactor

S5000 - Automatic Soil Compactor, 220-240V 50/60 Hz
S5000/110 - Automatic Soil Compactor, 110 V 60 Hz
S5002 - Compaction Rammer, ASTM Standard Face Dia 50.8 mm
S5004 - Compaction Rammer, EN/BS Standard Face Dia 50 mm

ASTM D558, D559, D560, D698, D1557, D1883 | EN 13286 2, 13286-47 | BS 1377:4 AASHTO T99, T134, T135, T136, T180, T193; NLT 107/98, 108/91, 111/87
The Automatic Soil Compactor is designed to perform fast and accurate compaction of soil samples automatically to by international standards. The machine is designed to allow the hammer to drop the required height into the soil in the mould which rotates circularly to distribute the blows uniformly over the surface of the specimen in the mould. The drop height is adjustable to for EN Standard 300 mm and 450 mm, for ASTM Standard 305 mm and 457 mm. The compaction rammer is circular faced and interchangeable to for EN Standard 50 mm or for ASTM Standard 50.8 mm diameter. Compaction rammer weight is adjustable to 2.5 kg or 4.5 kg according to reference standard. The number of blows per layer can be set at the beginning of the compaction process by the digital counter according to the standard by user.


430x250x1500 mm

Weight (approx)

140 kg


370 W


  • Collecting tray