Automatic Marshall Impact Compactor En

B1120E - Automatic Marshall Impact Compactor EN Std for 4" dia. specimens, 220-240 V 50/60 Hz
B1125 - Soundproof Safety Cabinet for Marshall Compactors
B1126 - Marshall Mould, Diameter:102 mm and Height 50 mm
B1127 - Marshall Mould, Diameter:154 mm and Height 50 mm

EN 12697-10 | EN 12697-30
The EN Standard Automatic Marshall Compactor is automatically compacts the sample and stops after the preset number of blows. The mould is held in position by a quick and practical clamping device. The 4535 g ± 15 g sliding hammer falls at the 457 ± 5 mm distance for every blow. Automatic control Complete protection for operator safety to CE prescriptions.
Digital console incorporating the emergency stop button to CE prescriptions. The unit incorporates a compaction pedestal, comprising a laminate hardwood block secured to by a 300 mm square x 25 mm thick steel plate. System stops automatically for safety when opened compactor cover.
The compactor can be factory installed inside the soundproof and CE security cabinet.

Hammer Weight

4535 ± 15 g

Free Fall Height

457 ± 5 mm

Tamping Face Diameter

98,5 mm

Concrete Base

450x450x200 mm

Laminated Block Dimensions

200x200x450 mm

Blows Frequency

50 blows in 55/60 s


540x500x2000 mm

Weight (approx)

260 kg


370 W


  • Collecting tray